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These astrological movements affect you and your family and you can not nullify their affect from your life until you have something strong at your side. We are presenting you here with Iqbaal Hussein who has all the knowledge about astrological bodies and movements and he can give you the perfect solution for all the astrological problems.

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The predications made by him are very accurate and more real than any of his contemporaries. Back in the people have to manage time and money to get to an astrologer and by keeping in mind all the inconvenience that people face in their life, he has decided to provide his services online too.

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In this ultra modern era, internet is proved to be such a marvel and it can make you reach our Muslim astrologer in no time. In case you have any personal query or you are not satisfied by the services provided by him then, you can call him on the phone number given on the internet. So what are you waiting for, do not waste your time and come to us immediately.

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Islamic astrologer provides his best consultations to every human being from every religion that come and meets him for Career matters, job intention, family member or relation concerns, wedded problems, financial subjects. Islamic astrology is also very ready to lend a hand in getting your love back. There are many techniques used by our astrologers like Islamic black magic, Vashikaran mantra and astrology etc.

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Astrological prognostications nevertheless required a fair amount of exact scientific expertise and the quest for such knowledge within this era helped to provide the incentive for the study and development of astronomy. Medieval Islamic astrology and astronomy continued Hellenistic and Roman era traditions based on Ptolemy 's Almagest. During this time knowledge of astronomy was greatly increased, and the astrolabe was invented by Al Fazari.

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Many modern star names are derived from their Arabic and Persian names. Albumasur or Abu Ma'shar - was one of the most influential Islamic astrologers.

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Persians also combined the disciplines of medicine and astrology by linking the curative properties of herbs with specific zodiac signs and planets. These beliefs were adopted by European herbalists like Culpeper right up until the development of modern medicine. The Persians also developed a system, by which the difference between the ascendant and each planet of the zodiac was calculated. This new position then became a 'part' of some kind. If the 'part' thus calculated was in the 10th House in Libra, for instance, it suggested that money could be made from some kind of partnership. The Almagest, together with the original contributions of 9th to 10th century Persian astronomy such as the astrolabe , was introduced to Christian Europe beginning in the 11th century, by contact with Islamic Spain.

He wrote critiques of Ptolemy's Almagest and produced two prominent works on astronomy: 'The Limit of Accomplishment Concerning Knowledge of the Heavens' in and 'The Royal Present' in , both of which commented upon and improved on Ptolemy's work, particularly in the field of planetary motion.

Al-Shirazi was also the first person to give the correct scientific explanation for the formation of a rainbow. Ulugh Beyg was a fifteenth-century Timurid Sultan and also a mathematician and astronomer. He built an observatory in and produced the first original star map since Ptolemy, which corrected the position of many stars and included many new ones. Their reasons for refuting astrology were often due to both scientific the methods used by astrologers being conjectural rather than empirical and religious conflicts with orthodox Islamic scholars reasons.

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