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Forby gives funk as signifying touchwood. The word may be derived from Germ. Brunne uses the phrase "not worth a fonk," seeming to imply a brief existence, evanescent as a spark; Langt. In another passage he relates that King John vowed vengeance upon Stephen Langton, and the monks who had chosen him Archbishop, against the royal pleasure. The fute is the scent of a fox or beast of chace. In Will. See also pp. Alban's, and Malory's Morte d'Arthur, B.

It seems probable that the term feuterer may be hence derived; but the Glossarists have supposed it to be a corruption of vaultrier, a keeper of the dog called in French " vaultre, a mongrel between a hound and a maistiffe; fit for the chase of wild bears and boars. The galache was a sort of patten fastened to the foot by cross latchets, and worn by men as early as the time of Edw. Allusion is made to it by Chaucer. In the inventory of the effects of Hen. See Rot. See Household Expenses in England. This kind of shoe was occasionally an article of luxury and ostentatious display, which probably suggested the allusion that occurs in the Vision of Piers Ploughman, where one is described as coming eagerly, as if to be dubbed a knight,.

The term "y-couped" seems to imply the extravagant fashion of the long-peaked toe: " Milleus, a coppid shoo. In the reign of Edward IV. The curious drawings in Cott. Julius, E. See Spenser, Sheph. A GARYTTE was, in the original sense of the term, a watch tower, or look-out, on the roof of a house, or castle wall, called garita, in French guerite. In the version of Vegecius, Roy.

From the Ang. Chaucer says of the Clerk Absolon,. See Carfax cartehouse, MS. Weber has printed the word here gande, to which he gives the sense of a wile or mischievous design. Minot, in his poem on the Battle of Halidon Hill, says,. Chaucer uses the word in the signification of a trick, or joke. See Pardonere's Tale, 12,, and Troil. It implies also an ornament or toy of little value. Palsgrave gives "gette, a custome; newe iette, guise nouvelle. In a poem on the dissolute lives of the clergy, in the reign of Edw. Songs, ed. Wright, p. Chaucer says the gay pardoner thought he rode "al of the newe get," or fashion; and he also uses the word in the sense of crafty contrivance, where he relates the deceit practised by the Alchemist, by means of a stick filled with silver filings.

It appears that in former times great virtues were attributed to jet. In Trevisa's version of Barth. It drives away adders, relieves fantasies, and has virtues against the visits of fiends by night. It was also regarded as a test of virginity, and rendering signal aid in parturition; these, and other properties, are noticed in Caxton's "Boke callid Caton," sign. Even in the XVIth cent. Turner, Dean of Wells, says in his Herbal, , "Miscel burde lyme melteth a swelled milt, if it be sodden, and layd to wyth a gete stone, or the Asiane stone.

Alianor Duchess of Gloucester bequeaths, A. See also Testam. There is evidence that by some persons such beads were superstitiously regarded as gifted with extraordinary virtue; and to this belief Bp. Bale appears to make allusion, Kynge Johan, p. In medieval Latin guiare signifies to lead or conduct in safety, to instruct, " quasi viare, " according to Ducange.

In the Ward. Book of 28 Edw. Chaucer uses the verb to gie, Cant. Gower says of the education of Alexander by Aristotle,. See also the Vis. Brunne uses both the verb, and the noun "gyour," a leader; and in the Romance of K. Palsgrave gives the verb, "I gye, or gyde, Lydgate. Forby derives the East-Anglian appellation gig, a trifling, flighty fellow, from Ang.

In the North giglet still signifies a laughing girl; the word occurs in "the Northern Mother's blessing," in admonition to her daughter,. See Junius, v. A gin signifies, according to the old writers, a cunning or deceitful device, and thence an ingeniously constructed machine of any kind. Chaucer uses the word in both senses; thus the crafty trick of the Alchemist, which is termed "a false get," as has been observed in the note on the word GET, is called also "a false gin. In the Golden Legend, the wiles of Satan are termed "gynnes of temptacyon.

In the Romance of Coer de Lion warlike machines are termed gins; as they are continually in Trevisa's version of Vegecius, Roy. See Hartshorne's Shropshire Glossary. Chaucer says of the Frankelein, or country gentleman,. In the Invent. Guidon has been supposed to be a corruption of guide-homme; and is written "guydhome" in Harl.

George, to be slitte at the ende, and to conteyne the creste or supporter, with the posey, worde, and device of the owner. See Sir Fred. Madden's note on this line, Archaeol. It appears that a gytone was not only carried in the field, but attached to the mast of a ship; thus, in a bill of expenses for the Earl of Warwick, A. Palsgrave gives "Guyderne, a baner in a felde, guidon: Gyderne, guidon; " and Cotgrave has " guidon, a standard, ensigne, or banner, under which a troop of men of arms do serve; also he that bears it.

Aubin d'vn oeuf, the white or gleare of an egge. In the Cant. In a curious MS. Bosworth derives glare from A. Glu, or glee, denotes properly, as Sir W. Scott observes, the joyous science of the minstrel, which was called in Ang. Gloton, having drank deep, till his legs totter, is said to go.

In the Wicliffite version, iv. The derivation appears to be from " Gobeau, a bit, gobbet, or morsell. Madden, in his Glossary appended to that curious poem, supposes it to be a corruption of God wot! From the form, however, of the word, as it occurs in the Promptorium, the derivation appears to be more obviously from A. The term is used by Gower, where he relates the exchange of garments made by Hercules and Iole, in order to deceive Faunus.

This word occurs in the glosses on G. Hence the term "chambre forene," which is used by Robert of Glouc. In the Seuyn Sages it is related that a father and son went together to commit a robbery, and the father falling into a pit, bid his son cut off his head, that he might not be recognized.

He carried the head away to conceal it,. Fabyan gives the following tale, 43 Hen. Flory, MS. Slush and gore are generally mentioned together in Norfolk, as Forby observes, the former expressing the thin, the latter the thick part of the mire. Brockett gives gor, in the Northern Dialect. This word is used repeatedly by Chaucer, and Tyrwhitt observes that its meaning was not intelligible. Here it doubtless signifies that her apron was gathered in with numerous plaits, in girding it about her hips.

Sir Thopas says, where he relates his dream,. Here the expression seems to be one of those conventional phrases of romance of which the meaning cannot be closely defined, and implying ample coverings, garments full and rich. In Emare, the Queen of Galys is said to be "goodly unther gore,—wordy unther wede,—comely unther kelle.

Thomas, Ital. The Baptismal sponsors were formerly called gossips, a term which Skinner derives from Ang. God, Deus, and syb, affinitas, as it were " cognati in Deo; " and by the Canon law marriage was forbidden between persons thus allied, as much as between relatives by blood. In the Lay le Freine, it is related that the knight, to whom two sons were born, sent to greet a knight who was his neighbour,. It would hence seem that the term comprised not only the co-sponsors, but the parents of the child baptized.

Verstegan, in his explanations of ancient words, observes upon "Godsip, now pronounced gossip. Our Christian ancestors understanding a spiritual affinity to grow between the parents and such as undertook for the child at baptism, called each other by the name of Godsib, which is as much to say, as that they were sib together, that is, of kin together through God. In the Promptorium an allusion is made to another and strange supposition regarding the production of gossamer, noticed by Skinner, namely, that it was formed from the dew scorched by the morning sun, and thence, as it seems, termed here corruption.

Even Dr. Hooke advances a conjecture that the great white clouds seen in summer might consist of gossamer. Hulse and Martin Lister first observed the real mode of its production by a species of spider. The etymology of the word is very obscure; Skinner suggests gossampine, Fr. An early instance of its occurrence is in the gloss on G. See Jamieson, v. Garsummer; and Nares. Skinner gives the word gound as used very commonly in Lincolnshire, signifying the running or impure secretion of the eyes. It occurs in the glosses on G.

Goundy, filthy like running sores, Gower. Gunny eyes, Yorksh. Skelton describes the "eyen gowndye" of Elynour Rumming. This word, which is found in the Winchester MS. In Havelok the verb to greme occurs, line , and the adjective gram, meaning angry or incensed, line See also Seuyn Sages, ; Cant. Tales, 16,; and Jamieson, v. Gre is here given only in the sense of promotion to honour or distinction, in which also the term degree is now used at the Universities. Britain gree has still this signification. So likewise in Chaucer, Rom. The aromatic qualities of cardamoms, and grains of Paradise, were anciently much esteemed.

Chaucer says of the amorous Absolon, when he prepares to court the carpenter's wife,. They are again mentioned in Rom. The true grains of Paradise were brought from the East Indies, but the ordinary larger cardamoms seem to have been likewise so named. See also R.

Brunne, p. Brunne uses this word in the sense of stern, or cruel. He says of Rufus,. It is thus used by Chaucer. See also Amis and Amiloun, , ; Towneley Myst. This obsolete appellation of the vulture has been derived from Ang. Griphes vel gripe, genus animalis, a grype. Vultur est avis magna et rapax: ut dicunt, de aere et non de concubitu concipit, a grype. Griffon, a gripe or griffon.

Holinshed says in the Hist. Gower relates that Albinus kept the skull of Gurmund, which was fashioned as a goblet,. In the same inventory are named six " hanaps, " or drinking cups called "gryppeshey. In the will of William Gascoigne, Lord Chief Justice, dated , is mentioned " ciphus, vocatus a gryp ey, ligatus cum argento, et deaurato. Palpalis, gropeable. Fouiller, to grope, search, feele all over.

Thomas, in his Italian Grammar, gives " tentone, gropyngly, as he that goeth in the derke. See Forby and Moore; se also Jamieson, v. To make grufelynge, supinare. In the Towneley Mysteries, where Isaac, about to be sacrificed, quakes for fear of the bright sword that was held over him, Abraham speaks thus:.

Turner, in his Herbal, directs that date-stones should be planted "groveling. Chaucer uses "groff" repeatedly in the sense of prostrate. In all the other MSS. A gunner, fundibalarus, fundibalista. The difficulty of ascertaining with precision the period of the introduction of engines from which missiles were propelled by means of gunpowder, arises chiefly from the circumstance, to which allusion is made by Selden, that the term gun, supposed by Somner to be merely a contraction of mango, or mangona, may have been used to denote some engine of war, long before the application of gunpowder to such purpose.

Douce observes that the earliest mention of "gonnes" is found in the Romance of Kyng Alisaunder, line ; but in his note on that passage he says that it must not be conluded that they were used with powder, as originally they might have been engines of the catapult kind. Weber, Metr. The same remark applies to the account of the siege sustained by Kynge Aragus, who. In the Avowynge of Kyng Arther, a "gunne" is mentioned, the effect of which is compared to lightning, but it is still doubtful whether the term should be understood to imply a projectile impelled by any ignited substance, or merely filled therewith.

It seems very probable that the missile here intended was a tube filled with Greek fire, or feu volant. In several MSS. A figure is given in the margin. He proceeds to describe " fewe volant " of another kind. A detailed account of passages in ancient documents or chronicles which throw light on this obscure subject has been given by Sir S. Meyrick, in his Crit. Enquiry, and a paper on the history of hand fire-arms, Archaeol. Archibald, in his description of ancient artillery discovered on the coast of Lancashire, Archaeol. There can be no doubt that Chaucer uses the term "gonne," to signify an engine charged with gunpowder; as in the following comparison:.

The Household of Edw. Artellers vj. Gonners vj. The invention of hand fire-arms is assigned by Sir S. Meyrick, on the authority of Billius, to the Lucquese, in ; Archaeol. Hand-guns are named among purchases for the defence of Holy Island, ; and were used at the siege of Caistor, in Norfolk, about Paston Lett.

The term habergeon appears properly to be a diminutive of hawberk, although here given as synonymous. Wace, in his Roman de Rou, written about , describes the Conqueror as armed, at the battle of Hastings, with a " boen haubert; " but Odo, his half-brother, Bishop of Bayeux, who could not decorously assume the complete military equipment, and rode with a staff merely to stimulate the combatants, provided himself with this partial defence.

The precept of Randolph III. The stat. From these authorities it is evident that the habergeon was a defence of an inferior description to the hawberk; and when the introduction of plate armour in the reign of Edw. This, in its turn, being superseded by the cuirass, was reduced to the mere apron of mail; but at the time when the Promptorium was compiled, the expensive nature of plate armour caused its use to be restricted, and combatants of the lower classes were content to arm themselves with the brigandine, or the habergeon.

The value of three "hauburiounes," in , was 13 marks: See Invent. Milan was celebrated for the manufacture of this defence: in a document dated 33 Hen. In the Inventory of Sir John Fastolfe's armoury, , are likewise found "iij. Pancerium est lorica, an haberyon. See Ducange, v. Halsberga; and Jamieson, v. In the version of Vegecius is a description of the military engine called the "snayle or welke testudo , a frame of goode tymber, shaped square, keuerede and hillede alle a-boute wythe rawe hides, or with feltes, and heyres, for drede of brynnyng.

Among the trades, in the order of the pageants of the Play of Corpus Christi, at York, , "hayresters" are mentioned. Drake, App. Thomas clothed himself with an "hard heyre, full of knottes, whiche was his sherte, and his breche was of the same. In the Eastern counties, according to Forby and Moore, the ejaculation Hait-wo! Kennett gives 'to hite up and down, to run idly about, North; Hiting, gadding abroad. Height nor ree, neither go nor drive, spoken of a wilful person.

See Yorksh. Both the ejaculations above given occur in the Towneley Mystery of the death of Abel, p. Compare the corresponding passage, vol. This word seems to be taken from Ang. It is used repeatedly by Chaucer. In the MS. Songs, p. This cry appears not to have been exclusively nautical, for it forms the burden of a ballad on the Battle of Bannocksburn, , the alternate stanzas of which, as given in Caxton's Chron.

Compare CRYE of schypmen, that ys clepyd haue howe. Promptorium parvulorum sive clericorum, dictionarius anglo-latinus princeps, auctore fratre Galfrido grammatico dicto, ex ordine fratrum Predicatorum, northfolciensi, circa A. Olim ex officina Pynsoniana editum, nunc ab integro, commentariolis subjectis, ad Fidem codicum recensuit Albertus Way, A.

Galfridus, Anglicus, active Harley Retro, retrorsum. Terror, pavor, formido. Expecto, prestolor. ABYTE, i. ABLE, or abulle, or abylle. ABLYN, or to make able. Supra, superius. Circum, circa. Wif of Bathes Prol.

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Habilis, idoneus. Habilitas, aptitudo, idoneitas. ACENT, or assent, or grawntynge. See Jamieson, under Assyth, and Spelman. Skinner gives ache, for smallage, from Fr. See Cotgr. Vito, devito. Precavens, vitans. Oblique, vel a latere. The more usual sense of the word is as Horman uses it, "My stomake is accloyed, fastidiosus, nauseabundus. Frigidus, algidus, frigorosus. Acolytus, P. Arunde MS.

In the earlier version the passage is rendered, "Coumforteth the hondes loosid atwynne," MS. In the Latin, " manus dissolutas. BABE, or lyttyle chylde. Infans, puerilus, pusillus, pusio, DIST. MS 17 C. Baubella, in old French babioles, trinkets, gewgaws. Labrosus, CATH. Pistor, panicius, CATH. BACE, or fundament. BACE, fysche. Bar, the fish called a base. The basse, or sea perch, the lupus of the Romans, labrax lupus, CUV. Bassaria, vel camera bassaria, sive camera bassa.

Cassis, CATH. Petaso, baco. BAD, or wykyde. BADDE, or nowght worthe. BADLY, or wykkydl. Male, inique. Baulo, baffo, latro. Nicto, CATH. Baulatus, baffatus. BAGE, or bagge of armys badge, P.

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It was a cognisance or ornament, forming part of the livery assigned by a chieftain to his followers, which led to the use of uniforms. The word is probably derived from A.

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In American these two things are often present in riots which makes a huge difference. Then the rioters are simply criminals who found an opportunity. Not dignified or principled. De muziekmaker had de Buma, die ook niet waterdicht werkte maar de beeldenmaker moest ook gewoon naar de rechter om zijn gelijk te halen. Ik heb vele seminars over dit onderwerp gevolgd en als videomaker en formatbedenker greep je er eigenlijk toch altijd naast;de partij die je aanklaagt heeft meer geld dan jij om te procederen en ze dekken zich altijd in met dat het format net een tikje gewijzigd is.

Was het vroeger echt beter? OMilta:"Olisiko salaliitto sittenkin olemassa? As a writer I struggle with sentences like this every day. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to get them right. There is nothing worse as a reader than being jolted out of the story by a poorly constructed sentence.

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Ik neem aan dat je dat niet zo bedoelt. Thank you, Fr. Z for answering this question…this post is indeed timely for me, too. While I was inclined the first time to believe it was a slip, I now think it is intentional. I will be writing to my bishop and the nuncio right away. Thanks for your ideas Sydney! How do you suggest we balance the use of technology and the need to be active at recess and lunch?

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A-B LIST OF PASSERS Secondary: LET Results September | The Summit Express

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Please help. Totally stunning, Mandy! I love the combination of the soft blues with the whites… the epitome of shabby chic! I'm sorry not to have been around much lately but I have just recently moved and it has taken a while to get settled in and get everything set up to resume my crafting. I did manage to read your blog post each day; just didn't have time to leave comments. Yesterday, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iPad and tested to see if it can survive a twenty five foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now broken and she has 83 views.

I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone! Thanks for introducing us to Royse and enjoy your time off! II took almost two months off with a little bloggins here and there as we need time off to get things done and, decompress, and recalibrate. We are still here and we will be, Meryl. And five hundred years from now who will remember Yasser Arafat? The only people who will remember Arafat—yet another irony of Jewish history—are Jews.

Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? Ja fiz com cabelo limpo, sujo, sem condicionador. O que to fazendo de errado? Perhaps in some alternate universe. In this one the US would be lucky to show nominal growth to be the same as the true inflation rate. Amazing, we get better clothes at a lower cost, increasing our standard of living. Millions in the third world get an opportunity to lift themselves out of crushing poverty. And the only whiner is sethstorm and his band of national socialists.

There will always be uses for the classic Anna Griffin designs and now you have added a new graphic direction with Darcey. I love the contemporary twist and yet I still see your timeless style. Healthy Food for Weight Loss down 6 merters. Now that the Chinese Culture is rawing more and more attention from around the world, the charm of the Hui Culture will likely be noticed and recognized by many more people.

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